Former Disney Star Stripping Down Again!

Shia LaBeouf is stripping down again!  Over a year after the actor appeared fully nude in Sigur Ross‘ “Fjogur Piano” music video, the 27-year-old is at it again on camera once more for his new romantic comedy action film, Charlie Countryman.

LaBeouf also photographed his private parts for the controversial movie Nymphomaniac at the production office’s request.  “I framed the e-mail,” he laughed.


The former Disney star is currently dating his Nymphomaniac costar Mia Goth and is clearly not afraid to make edgy career choices. However, LaBeouf said “there are rules” about which kind of roles he accepts.

“I have ethics. I’m not completely out of my mind,” he said of going nude on the big screen. “But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sex. Sex is beautiful if it’s done right. And I wouldn’t just do it for no reason…Sex is different than love, and there is a separation, and that middle gap is what the movie’s about.”


Frieda Pinto Strips Down!

Music Video Friday!!!!!

Frieda Pinto strips down and pole dances in Bruno Mars steamy new video Gorilla.

The Slumdog Millionaire actress twirls around a pole and struts her stuff in lingerie at a nightclub in the new minifilm / video.

Popular actor Luis Guzman also makes a cameo.  Enjoy!

Is Britney’s New Hot Body in “Work Bitch” Really Hers?

Britney is back in her new video “Work Bitch” and hotter than ever!  Or is she?

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Britney Spears looks amazing in her new video, but recent doubt and questions have been taking the internet by storm questioning whether the star received some “editing” before the video was released.

HOAX Films, the Californian visual effects studio that worked on the video, recently released images from the clip before the editing process, showing a slightly heavier Britney body.

Before and After Images by HOAX/RCA

Before and After Images by HOAX/RCA

According to industry blog Sound&, HOAX “completed sky replacements shots, set extensions and clean-up” for “Work Bitch”.  By clean up did they mean edit or perhaps air brush?

Before and After Images by HOAX/RCA

Before and After Images by HOAX/RCA

The studio has not commented on whether or not Britney was in fact airbrushed, so it’s all speculation at this point.  What does everyone think?

Watch the full length video below:

MVF: Eminem – Survival

Music Video Friday!

Love the hip rock / rock blend in Eminem’s new video Survival.

Kate Upton + Snoop Dogg Romance!!!

Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg have teamed up for Hot Pockets!  Yes Hot Pockets!

In the new commercial music video the legendary rapper serenades the model to a Hot Pockets themed version of Biz Markie’s Just A Friend. 

The video shows Upton fall asleep on her bed and awaken to Snoop singing the lyrics, “You, you got what I eat, but you say you’re just a baker, but you’re my Hot Pocket maker. I need your hot, buttery crust. You make that steak and cheese that brings me to my knees.”

The video also features less famous rapper Bow Wow, Larry King and the kid from the movie Project X.

The video is hilarious and will definitely have everyone talking about Hot Pockets for weeks to come.

Miley Cyrus Acts Out “By Design!”


Miley Cyrus isn’t surprised by the attention she’s (STILL) getting after her now infamous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards and controversial nude music video for “Wrecking Ball.”  In fact, she says, it’s by design.

“It’s kind of what I want,” Cyrus, told Matt Lauer on the Today show Monday. “I’m an artist, so I’m hoping that I get a little attention, otherwise my record sales might be a little sketch. … I don’t ever really plan to offend people, but sometimes that just happens, because I think people aren’t open to what they don’t understand.”

Commenting on her VMA performance with Robin Thicke, Cyrus said: “It went exactly as planned. I mean, it’s a month later and we’re still talking about it.”

Cyrus’ first two singles off her upcoming album “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop” are both currently in ITunes top 10 (both having spend long stints at number 1.  Apparently the “by design” plan is working.

MVF: Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

Music Video Friday!!!

Love the blend of old and new in this dance off themed video!

MVF: Pearl Jam – Sirens

Pearl Jam is back!

I love what they did with their new video.  No over the top production and no video sub plots.  Simply the band performing on a spot lighted stage.  Focus 100% on the song and the lyrics.

I watched Eddie Vedder perform solo at the Ryman in Nashville, TN a couple of years ago and can attest he is one of the greatest performers I’ve seen.  His voice commands a stage like no other.


MVF: Katy Perry – Roar

Katy Perry is back with the first single off her upcoming album.   Ladies will love the girl power “I am woman!” themed song and message.  Men will enjoy Katy in a leopard print amazon women outfit in her new video.

Music Video Friday (MVF)

Remember when you were young and you would watch music videos on MTV all day.  You could change the channel to 38 (at least at my house) and music videos would play non stop.  It wasn’t until recently I started looking up and watching my favorite artists music videos again (yes they still make them).

Which is why EntertainmenSlap proudly presents:  MVF!  Tune in each week to see the videos we’ve selected.   We’re committed to bringing you videos from all genres of music and the best ones out today!

Our first MVF artist is Avicii .  Enjoy!