Hug It Out Bitch! Entourage Movie a Go!


Let the speculation end.  The boys are back!

Entourage will hit the big screen, because the cast and the  producers will all sign on with Warner Bros. as reported on Friday 10/25.

As previously reported, several cast members on the show had been holding out for a bigger piece of the action, but everyone has been pointing fingers at each other.  Now we know the primary holdouts have been Adrian Grenier (Vince Chase) and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle).  This coming from sources connected to the production.


Word has it Grenier, Ferrara and some other cast members resent that Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold) will be getting a bigger payday and bigger piece of the back-end than them, and they’ve been haggling.  Although the story lines revolve around the group of friends, it is Piven’s Gold that really drives the show.  Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Sloan confirmed the news via twitter.


Warner Bros. told the cast and producers that it would give out a certain amount of  back-end, and it was up to them to figure out who gets what.  It appears that everything has been settled and is ready to move forward.

Some fans may be upset at the actors for holding out, but when you are looking at potential multi picture deal you want to be taken care of.  Regardless we can’t wait!!!  Until then, watch this and get pumped!



50 Shades New Leading Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy ladies.  It is finally over.

And the NEW Christian Grey is…………..  Jamie Dornan!

Photo:  Calvin Klein

Photo: Calvin Klein


Jamie Dornan has been cast as Christian Grey in the highly anticipated upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The news was announced Thursday afternoon by none other than E.L. James via Twitter.



The 31-year-old Northern Irish actor was rumored to be one of the frontrunner to replace Charlie Hunnam after he auditioned on Friday, Oct. 18.

Photo:  David Sims

Photo: David Sims


“He had a really good read,” a source exclusively told E! News, noting that the studio wasn’t “worried” about Dornan’s chemistry with costar Dakota Johnson.

The film is scheduled to begin shooting November 5.

Trailer Tuesday: American Hustle

Trailer Tuesday

A brilliant con man, Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), who along with his British partner and lover, but frightened newbie grifter, Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), are recruited and forced to work for FBI agent, Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper), who pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia that is as dangerous as it is enchanting. The operation eventually involves the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey, Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner), caught between the con-artists and Feds. Irving’s wife, Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence), could be the one to pull the thread that brings the entire world crashing down.

We can’t wait!

Former Disney Star Stripping Down Again!

Shia LaBeouf is stripping down again!  Over a year after the actor appeared fully nude in Sigur Ross‘ “Fjogur Piano” music video, the 27-year-old is at it again on camera once more for his new romantic comedy action film, Charlie Countryman.

LaBeouf also photographed his private parts for the controversial movie Nymphomaniac at the production office’s request.  “I framed the e-mail,” he laughed.


The former Disney star is currently dating his Nymphomaniac costar Mia Goth and is clearly not afraid to make edgy career choices. However, LaBeouf said “there are rules” about which kind of roles he accepts.

“I have ethics. I’m not completely out of my mind,” he said of going nude on the big screen. “But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sex. Sex is beautiful if it’s done right. And I wouldn’t just do it for no reason…Sex is different than love, and there is a separation, and that middle gap is what the movie’s about.”

Do You Want to Be In the New Batman / Superman Movie?


Do you want to be in the new Batman vs. Superman movie?

Although production is not scheduled to begin until next year, the new Batman vs. Superman movie will be shooting this weekend at a college campus near you.  Although don’t expect to see Zack Snyder, Batfleck and crew at USC, Notre Dame or Texas.


Zack Snyder and his production crew will be at the East Los Angeles College football game Saturday, October 19 to briefly film during halftime.  Only in L.A.

The set up of the supposed scene(s) is a football game between Metropolis State University and Gotham City University, with Batman’s team having home-field advantage. (We know how well that went for the Rogues last go round – thanks Bane).

News like this could produce a record crowd for an East LA College game (I’m just assuming they are not regularly playing in front of sell out crowds).

Trailer Tuesday – Out of the Furnace

out of the furnace

Christian Bale – check

Woody Harrelson – check

Casey Affleck – check

Forest Whitaker – check

Willem Dafoe – check

Zoe Zaldana – check

Sam Shepard – check

When Rodney Baze (Affleck) mysteriously disappears and law enforcement fails to follow through, his older brother, Russell (Bale), takes matters into his own hands to find justice.

Out of the Furnace promises to deliver some powerful performances from Bale, Affleck and company.

50 Shades of Grey Looking for Leading Man AGAIN!


Let the rumor mill start again.  One of the biggest casting decisions of recent years is about to start over.

Charlie Hunnam has dropped out of playing Christian Grey in the upcoming big screen adaptation of the popular erotic novel 50 Shades of Grey.  Hunnam’s schedule for filming ‘Sons of Anarchy’ conflicted with the shooting schedule for ’50 Shades.’  I guess you could say he was handcuffed (probably naughty fuzzy ones).


Despite the reports that scheduling was the key factor, numerous sources are saying Hunnam simply got cold feet about attaching his name to the popular book series. In my opinion, he is almost guaranteed a 3-4 film deal that would have been his biggest break to date.  In that type of scenario you MAKE the scheduling work.

The author of the popular series tweeted earlier today.

Hunnam was cast alongside newcomer Dakota Johnson (playing Anastasia Steele) in the adaptation of the book.  The film had only recently begun casting secondary roles, and had added ‘Contagion’ star Jennifer Ehle to the cast as Anastasia’s mother.

The clock is now ticking for Universal and Focus Features to find a replacement for Hunnam, as the film is set to begin shooting soon for a target August 2014 debut.

Will Matthew Bomer (star of White Collar) get the call?  The fan driven petition for Bomar made lots of noise during the first round of casting.  Regardless, ladies everywhere will be dialed in and awaiting the decision of their fantasy man.


Who would you all like to see?  Let us know!

Angry Birds – The Movie!

angry birds

Your favorite time-consuming app is coming to the big screen!!!

Former Disney animation veterans Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis have signed on to co-direct the upcoming feature film version of best-selling video game app Angry Birds.

Rovio Entertainment (creators of Angry Birds) said Reilly and Kaytis will co-direct the 3D CG animated feature. Sony Pictures is handling worldwide marketing and distribution for the film, which has a July 1, 2016 release date.   It is almost a forgone conclusion this will be a HUGE hit among parents and children.

“I’m very excited that Fergal and Clay have joined us, bringing with them their vast expertise,” said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. “They are two of the brightest rising talents in animation, and I’m confident we are building the right team to tell the story of Angry Birds and deliver an amazing movie experience to our fans.”

angry birds 2

The film’s screenplay was written by Emmy-winner Jon Vitti. He has written for The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, The Office, Da Ali G Show, and The Larry Sanders Show, among others.  There has been little to no information on the details of the script.  Although I’m sure some teasers and leaks will surface mid-late 2014 with a 2016 release.

Until then your app will have to do.

Controversial “Nymphomaniac” Movie Posters Released


Will Nymphomaniac steal 50 Shades of Grey‘s thunder or set the bar for the highly anticipated film?

The Nymphomaniac movie posters have been released and the 14 character posters are turning heads .  The movie stars Shia LaBeouf, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Willem Dafoe and all stripped down for the marketing materials.


Nymphomaniac comes from controversial director Lars Von Trier, who set out to make an epic film, chronicling the sexual life of a woman named Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg).

Early reports of the explicit sex scenes during production make the character posters seem tame by comparison. The director’s original intention was to cut two versions of the film: one R-rated and suitable for more mainstream theaters; the other, a scandalous NC-17 cut that would feature actual sex.


The film was not given much thought until it began casting Hollywood stars like LaBeouf and Thurman.  Afterwards questions arose whether Von Trier would be able to follow through on his original (and controversial) plans. When MTV News spoke with LaBeouf before production started, he insinuated that nothing would be held back.  “[The movie] is what you think it is,” LaBeouf said, adding that he’d do “whatever is asked.”

“It is Lars von Trier, making a movie about what he’s making. For instance, there’s a disclaimer at the top of the script that basically says we’re doing it for real. Everything that is illegal, we’ll shoot in blurred images. Other than that, everything is happening.”


Louise Vesth, a producer on the film, later clarified to The Hollywood Reporter how the explicit sex scenes involving the stars would be shot. “We shot the actors pretending to have sex,” he said, “and then had the body doubles, who really did have sex, and in post we will digital-impose the two. So above the waist it will be the star and below the waist it will be the doubles.”

The earlier trailer doesn’t show us much.  Needless to say whatever your stance on the movie, all will be interested in knowing how far things are pushed.

Chloe Grace Moretz at the Carrie Premiere


Stars of the new Carrie remake celebrated the new bloody take on the classic story by Stephen King at the premiere at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on Monday evening.

Chloe Grace Moretz (wearing Valentino) said rather than studying Sissy Spacek’s performance in the original film, she referred to King’s novel for preparation to portray the iconic Carrie. The film centers upon bullying, which Moretz feels is an issue that many teens, including herself, have experienced.

Photo by Matt Sayles

Photo by Matt Sayles


“I think that everyone has experienced bullying at some point in their lives, whether they’re just someone making you feel inadequate or making you feel not skinny enough, not pretty enough, or your hair’s not good enough,” says Moretz.

However, the film’s primary focus is the love turned feud between Carrie and her mother (Julianne Moore).  The mother-daughter bond was one of the most important factors director Kimberly Peirce wanted to show in her adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel.  If the trailer below is any indication she absolutely nailed it.

Carrie opens nationwide on October 18 and is sure to be one of 2013’s top Halloween hits!