Hayden Panettiere Engaged!

Image via Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Image via Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Nashville star Hayden Panettiere is confirming her engagement to professional boxer Wladimir  Klitschko.

Panettiere (24) appeared on Wednesday’s Live with Kelly and Michael sporting a large diamond ring that prompted host Kelly Ripa to inquire.

Panettiere confirmed the engagement as the studio audience cheered. No wedding date has been set at this time.  Congratulations to the happy couple!


Nashville Season 2 Premiere Review and Analysis

The second season of Nashville came out of the gate strong and opened with a bang!
Almost 10 sub plots were laid out before the first commercial break with the headlining story being Rayna (Connie Britton) in a coma and Deacon (Charles Esten) in jail after the car wreck that ended season 1.
With the news of Rayna’s coma, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is in a panic over the release of her new album and worried her spot light will be diverted to the ailing star.  Although the always resourceful Juliette ultimately exploits the news of the injured legend by dedicating a segment of her album release concert at the Parthenon to Rayna and meeting fans outside the hospital for a candle light ceremony afterwards.  To me this was predictable and forced by the writers.  The back and forth between Panettiere and Britton’s characters (although the backbone of the show) is also the least interesting and beginning to be repetitive and boring.  Rayna gets a headline, Juliette reacts in big and dramatic fashion – drinks, tears, yelling, etc.  Luckily the teaser preview for the rest of the season showed the introduction of some new young talent to steal Juliette’s spot light and create a true rivalry.  I mean let’s be honest do we really think Taylor Swift would care if Reba was in the headlines.  Exactly!  No.
In less dramatic news, Will (Chris Carmack) throws a party in an effort to help Gunnar (Sam Palladio) get over Scarlett (Clare Bowen).  The party includes drinking, hookups and an entertaining couch burning sequence (Scarlett’s couch).  After the fire settles and fire department leaves Gunnar accepts he can’t party his feelings away and heads to the Bluebird to see Scarlett.  Gunnar vs. Avery (Jonathon Jackson) round 2.  Will continues to struggle with his homosexual desires and we can only assume this will some how culminate and cost him in his attempt at stardom as his on stage persona is that of a ladies man.
The only two interesting story lines of the night received the least screen time with Teddy (Eric Close) and Peggy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley, wife of real life country star Brad Paisley) and the love child from their affair.  Teddy informs Peggy that he will only be involved from a financial stand point and wants no part of the child’s life.  Peggy learns during the episode she loses the baby, however leads Teddy to believe her pregnancy is going well.  This was very predictable the minute the doctor said there was no heart beat, however it is a story line that could be taken a number of directions and one worth keeping an eye on.  The other being a teaser that Lamar (Rayna’s father played by Powers Boothe) was responsible for the car wreck that resulted in his wife’s death.  Finally something worth watching the season for.  Lamar is a character that deserves far more screen time and script and it seems as so the show writers agree.
Rayna awakes in the final minutes of the episode at Vanderbilt hospital and confirms she was driving resulting in Deacon being released from jail.  I personally hope the car wreck is the end of the Deacon and Rayna romance and more emphasis is placed on Deacon being the biological father of Rayna and Teddy’s oldest child.
Although the episode started off strong, the momentum was killed by the flash backs to Rayna and Deacon’s younger days and Juliette’s “look at me, I’m the star” antics.  There were potentially great story lines laid out during the episode and some boring repetitive ones.  Hopefully the writers do us all a favor and focus on the right ones during this second season.
Nashville is an American musical drama television series. It was created by Academy Award winner Callie Khouri and produced by R.J. Cutler, Khouri, Dee Johnson, Steve Buchanan and Connie Britton. The series stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, a legendary country music superstar, whose stardom begins fading, and Hayden Panettiere as rising teen star Juliette Barnes. The series premiered on ABC on October 10, 2012.