Former Manager Says David Beckham Will Regret Marrying Victoria?

Photo:  Men's Health 2012

Photo: Men’s Health 2012

David Beckham’s career at Manchester United effectively ended when he fell in love with (now wife) Victoria, claims his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson in his new autobiography. The legendary manager, who recently retired after 27 years in charge at United, describes Beckham as a “wonderful boy” who was “like a son” to him at a press conference for the book yesterday.

However he claimed his desire to be famous took precedent over his football (soccer) ambition, which led to his transfer to Real Madrid in 2003.

Photo:  Rex Features

Photo: Rex Features

“Everything changed when he fell in love,” Ferguson said. “He wanted to give it all up for a new lifestyle, for stardom… David was the only player I managed who chose to be famous, who made it his mission to be known outside the game.”  And Ferguson thinks that, despite his success, he might one day regret his choice.


“From one perspective, it would be churlish of me to say he made the wrong decision, in the sense that he’s a very wealthy man. He’s become an icon. People react to his style changes. [But] at some point in his life, he may feel the urge to say, I made a mistake.”

What do you all think?  Do you agree or disagree with Sir Alex?


USC Fires Lane Kiffin


The USC Trojans fired football coach Lane Kiffin not six hours after dropping to 3-2 after a blowout loss to Arizona State losing 62-41.

Trojans athletic director Pat Haden informed Kiffin after the team’s flight arrival back in Los Angeles early Sunday morning after the loss at Tempe, Ariz., the school said in a statement on its website.

USC has lost seven of its past 11 games dating to last year and both of its first two in Pac-12 play this season.  Kiffin was pulled off the team bus in a parking lot at LAX by Haden and several other school administrators and was told he was fired, the Daily News reported.

Under Kiffin, the Trojans are no longer the dominant team in the Pac 12 or Los Angeles for that matter.  UCLA continues to improve and climb in the rankings while USC keeps losing, which made the decision even more important.

No coach has ever landed more top-tier jobs with no results to show for it.  Kiffin has coached the USC Trojans, Tennessee Volunteers and Oakland Raiders.

USC is a top 5 coaching job in the country.  It will be exciting to see who Pat Haden hires to lead the Trojans going forward.  It could potentially create an interesting domino effect in college football.

Who do you all think will be the next USC coach?