Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s High Dollar Spending Spree!


What do you do when you don’t like the direction of your current neighborhood?  Well, if you’re worth $19 billion like Mark Zuckerberg you start buying all the houses around you.  It’s not unusual for celebrities to buy the properties next to their homes to ensure privacy, but usually when they do this, the neighboring homes are already on the market.

Like the old saying goes, everyone has a price.  According to property records, the Facebook CEO recently spent $30 million to buy four of his neighbors’ homes.

Zuckerberg isn’t taking over the properties;  he only wants to be able to control how the properties surrounding his home are marketed and who they are sold to.  This process first started in December 2012 after Zuckerberg learned of a developer’s plans to capitalize on his residence in the area.  “The developer was going to build a huge house and market the property as being next door to Mark Zuckerberg,” a source told the Mercury News.


Rather than air out his personal business and thoughts publicly, Zuckerberg spent the better part of the year buying three homes behind him and one next door.  He is now leasing the homes back to the former homeowners. The latest sale closed just this week, the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported.

According to Santa Clara County property records, one homeowner sold their 2600 square foot home to Zuckerberg for $14 million although it was valued at  $3.171 million. By comparison, Zuckerberg paid $7 million for his 5,000-square-foot home in May 2011.

Needless to say, that real estate agent earned every penny of their commission.  And talk about the kind of neighbor you want.


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook. As of April 2013, Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc. and in 2013 his personal wealth was estimated to be US$19 billion.


Carson Daly Engaged


The Voice host and TODAY show correspondent Caron Daly is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Siri Pinter.  Pinter was spotted sporting some new bling in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 5.

Daly, 40, and food blogger Pinter  have been together six years have two children together, son Jack,  3, and daughter Etta Jones, 13 months.

Congrats to the newly engaged couple!


Sinead O’Connor Threatens Legal Action Against Miley Cyrus


The anti-BFF’s Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor are stirring things up again.

It all started when Cyrus gave a nod to O’Connor in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, claiming her “Wrecking Ball” video was a “modern version” of O’Connor’s iconic hit “Nothing Compares 2 U.”   But O’Connor is no fan of Cyrus’ new video and let it be known in a lengthy open letter to the former Disney star.

Did Cyrus let it go?  What do you think?   Cyrus tweeted a screen shot of past posts O’Connor made when she was seeking psychiatric help and put it under the heading “before Amanda Bynes…. There was….”

Moving along…

“You have posted today tweets of mine which are two years old, which were posted by me when I was unwell and seeking help so as to make them look like they are recent,” O’Connor wrote in a SECOND open letter to Cyrus via Facebook.  “In doing so you mock myself and Amanda Bynes for having suffered with mental health issues and for having sought help.”   At which time O’Connor requested, “Remove your tweets immediately or you will hear from my lawyers.”

But the tweets remain, now joined by the following comments, “Sinead. I don’t have time to write you an open letter cause Im hosting & performing on SNL this week” and “So if youd like to meet up and talk lemme know in your next letter. :)”


In her next letter (her THIRD and hopefully final), O’Connor responded, “I have no interest whatsoever in meeting you.” She goes on to hammer Cyrus for “behaving in an anti-female capacity,” and stated that “legal proceedings” are forthcoming, since Cyrus allegedly “designed to damage”  her career.

But according to the Irish singer, there is still one way Cyrus can avoid a messy courtroom showdown simply by issuing a public apology.

Right now for whatever reason anything Cyrus touches or Cyrus related (both good and bad) drives hits, exposure and controversy.  It seems to us that O’Connor is simply using this to elevate her own profile.  Really, when was the last time you asked yourself “I wonder what Sinead O’Connor is up to?”  Exactly!