UNC Tutor Quits in Protest of Star Player Staying on Team!!!


Jack Halperin has tutored student athletes at the University of North Carolina for over twenty years, and recently made news when he resigned in protest of Roy William’s decision to keep star guard PJ Hairston on the team.

PJ saying let's keep this on the down low.

Hairston has had three incidents with the law during the offseason, including drug possession charges, possession of a firearm, and driving without a license.  Roy Williams says Hairston will miss “some games” (meaning the easy win games before the real competition starts) for his off court actions.  Sadly he is currently practicing with this teammates preparing for the upcoming season.

For whatever reason UNC continues to fly under the national radar with off the court issues.  Perhaps it is the Michael Jordan effect.  If the NCAA really wants to identify “lack of institutional control” they can look no further than UNC men’s basketball.

Halperin made his resignation public via an open letter to Roy Williams in UNC’s student newspaper, “The Daily Tar Heel.”

Roy, after 23 years as an academic tutor, and after going through the devastating football scandal, I am resigning in protest of your disgraceful decision to allow P.J. Hairston to remain on the team.

If I were arrested driving with no license, illegal drugs and a gun in a felon’s car, my employment at this University would end immediately. Hairston’s DTH headline quote was, ‘I will play this season.’ Since when does the criminal decide his fate?

Jack Halperin Athletic academic tutor

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