Dolce and Gabanna Seduces With Top Hollywood Stars

Photo courtesy of Dolce and Gabanna

Photo courtesy of Dolce and Gabanna

Scarlett Johansson and Matthew McConaughey dazzle in the new Dolce and Gabanna fragrances ad.  The beautiful campaign channels old Hollywood glamour and was officially released on Oct. 7.

The new advertising campaign for the women’s perfume, The One, and the men’s cologne, The One for Men, transports you into a world a luxary and leisure.. The old Hollywood theme is the creation of photographer, Peter Lindbergh.

Lindbergh is known for his black and white imagery and elected to create the romantic setting on a secluded beach on the outside of L.A.  He definitely did not disappoint.  The photographer decided to create a scene of “art imitating life” — Dolce & Gabbana said.  The ad shows both stars behind the scenes of a shoot with spotlights surrounding them — a complete opposite role than we are used to seeing both in.

The following trailer was also released Monday.  Enjoy!


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