Movies You May Have Missed: 21 and Over

21 and over

This 2013 comedy revolves around three friends and one crazy night.  Having been best friends in high school, Casey (Skyler Astin) and Miller (Miles Teller) (both age 21)  want to take their friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) out for his 21st birthday.  However, his birthday happens to fall on the night before the medical school interview his VERY STRICT father set up, so he declines (initially).  After Miller (the lovable loser friend) threatens to make a lot of noise the whole night if he persists in his refusal he accepts to come along for just “one” drink.  One leads to two, which leads to three… you get the drift.  Jeff Chang gets excited that he is allowed to enter bars now, drinks too much and ultimately blacks out and becomes unresponsive.  Casey and Miller want to take him home, but do not remember where he lives (the driving theme behind the plot).

The two friends begin their quest to find anyone on campus that can help direct them to their friend’s home (this task proves more difficult than you would expect).  This leads to a series of hilarious antics including breaking into a minority sorority house, attending crashing ruining a pep rally and possibly the coolest drinking game themed party I’ve ever seen.  I can only hope someone has attempted the drinking game party and it was inspired by true events.  (teaser – 8 story dorm + 8 drinking games (1 per level) = legendary party).


The two dominating themes of the film are: 1. Staying close with your friends no matter your circumstances or the direction life takes you and 2. Always have fun.  Life is long so do not be in such a hurry to grow up.  In the film, we see the guys realize they have not remained the close friends they once were through a series of twists and story lines.  It serves as an important reminder to keep close to those important to you.  In the end, the three friends are there for each other, and although different in numerous ways and headed down their own individual paths they actually compliment and complete each other.


We won’t spoil how everything plays out.  You will have to watch the film to find that out.  Does Jeff Chang make it to his medical school interview?  Do the friends survive the night?  The roller coaster story is definitely worth renting and enjoying over a couple of beers with your friends.  I can honestly say I was expecting very little out of this movie and was pleasantly surprised with the final product.  The characters are all relatable, mainly because we can all picture our friends filling in the roles.

Will this be a movie you hear talked about years from now – absolutely not.  But you will remember the night you got together with some buddies, had a few drinks and watched this movie (even if the movie part is later forgotten).  In the end, the memories you make with your friends are the most important thing.  21 & Over reminds us of the that.


21 & Over is a 2013 American comedy film. It was written by, and served as the directorial debut of, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The film stars Justin Chon and Miles Teller.


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