Movies You May Have Missed – Spring Breakers


Spring Breakers is a 2012 American drama film written and directed by Harmony Korine starring James Franco, Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine.  The film follows four college girls on their college spring break and subsequent descent into use of drugs, crimes, and violence.

After watching the trailer for Spring Breakers I was completely shocked when I finally decided to take the time to watch this film.  I was expecting to see a group of attractive college girls drinking and partying too much and getting themselves into some negative situations.

Well they did that, only on steroids.   Fans of Selena Gomez should not expect to see the classy image she typically upholds in this movie.  Although her character is the strong Christian “good girl” of the group, her friends played by Hudgens, Benson and Korine lead her down a dark path and into some uncomfortable and negative situations.  The film overall has a very dark message.  I never expected to see the graphic sexual scenes (threesomes and more), especially in a movie that has Selena Gomez’s name attached.  I guess this is one way to shed the “young Disney” image.  I will say that her character does remove herself from the picture before things really spiral out of control (so there is that).

SBreakers Girls

Without going into the specifics, the film revolves around four college and lifelong friends that have the ultimate goal of attending spring break in Tampa/St Pete.  Having no money, the girls (minus Gomez) commit a crime to fund their spring break vacation.   Once there the partying ensues – drinks, sex, drugs, music and so on.

The girls ultimately get arrested then bailed out by a local crime boss named Alien (Franco).  Franco delivers an impressive performance walking the line between funny and fearful in his roll.  Wanting their vacation to continue the girls start working with Alien selling drugs and robbing fellow spring breakers.

Franco SBreakers

This ultimately spirals into darker circumstances of drugs, weapons, a rival gang (led by Big Arch played by Gucci Mane) and ultimately murder.  I’ll let you watch it to see how everything unfolds.

However, know this.   Do not expect to see your normal “hot girl” spring break party movie.  I cannot reiterate enough his film has a much darker tone.

The director’s approach throughout the film is to give you information and situations and never really go into the “why.”  That sentence may seem confusing but will make complete sense after watching the film.

In my opinion the ending is also a little far fetched and unbelievable.   I actually still shake my head thinking of it.  I cannot blame the director for ending the movie the way they did.  It had to end somehow and there was an attempt for a dramatic and suspenseful finale.  However, the ending was ultimately forced because there was no other way to close out the film (without dragging an already lengthy film out even further).

Overall the movie does have some entertaining moments, but for the most part drags on and has you asking yourself “when will this end?”

If this ultimately makes it to cable it may be the best thing for it.  There is a good and entertaining movie hidden in the lengthy production.  The right editor can cut this down (thus eliminating some of the graphic scenes) and in my opinion lose nothing in terms of story, all the while creating a better end product.  It would likely be the best thing to happen



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