How I Met Your Mother: Meet the Mother


Monday night was season premiere night on CBS.  It all started with another one of our favorite shows How I Met Your Mother.

This series is based on a father telling his two kids the story (and all the events leading up) of how he met their mother.

Last season’s finale closed with us getting our first glimpse of the future Mrs. Ted Mosby.  And lucky for us things did not get drawn out in the new season as she appeared in last nights episode early on and is set to play an obviously HUGE role in this, the final season.

The episode opens with the gang all heading to Farhampton for Barney and Robin’s wedding.

The episode revolved around several story lines 1.  Barney and Robin thinking they may be related 2. Lily catching the train and meeting “the mother” 3. Marshall’s travel conflicts with a fellow New Yorker and 4.  Barney’s brother James’ divorce.

Each storyline provided hilarious moments in true HIMYM fashion with my favorite line coming from Barney when he and Robin are talking about their wedding night “activities” saying “you have certainly peeked my incest, I mean interest.”  They would go on to confirm they are not related due to an adoption but the uncertainty and back and forth during their car ride was priceless.

The pinnacle point of the episode came in the closing minutes.  Ted was discussing “not giving up” on love with Barney’s brother James at which point he makes a decision that he will bring back future his love to this exact spot in one year.


Fast forward one year…   And we finally see the first on screen interaction between Ted and the mother.  I must admit after seeing the mother (played by Cristin Milioti) last season I had mixed feelings on the casting.  Granted that was based off 20 seconds of screen time.  So maybe that opinion was premature.  However, after watching her performance interacting with Lily on the train then seeing the on screen chemistry between her and Ted (Josh Radnor) I applaud the casting selection.  There really does seem to be a connection we have not seen between Ted and his previous love interests.  Well done!


The stage is set for an amazing final season.  I’m excited to watch it all play out!  How I Met Your Mother airs on CBS on Monday at 8:00 pm est (7:00 cst).



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