Sports Franchise Owners SHOW THE MONEY!

Do you dream of owning that professional sports franchise?  Entertaining clients and friends from your luxury suite?   These guys did it and did it in a BIG way!

Forbes recently released it’s #Forbes400 highlighting the richest men and women in the United States..

Here are the top ten wealthiest sports owners.  Baseball, Football, Hockey and Soccer are all represented in the top 10.

Paul Allen

1. Paul Allen, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Trailblazers ($15.8 billion)

2. Richard DeVos, Orlando Magic ($6.3 billion)

3. Mickey Arison, Miami Heat ($5.8 billion)

4. Charles Johnson, San Francisco Giants ($5.6 billion)

5. Stan Kroenke, St Louis Rams, Arsenal FC, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche ($5.3 billion)

6. Stephen Ross, Miami Dolphins ($4.8 billion)

7. Malcolm Glazer, Manchester United, Tampa Bay Bucs ($4.5 billion)

8. Ted Lerner, Washington Nationals ($4 billion)

9. Dan Gilbert, Cleveland Cavs ($3.9 billion)

10. Shah Kahn, Jacksonville Jags, Fulham FC ($3.8 billion)

Most of them made their money elsewhere, building huge companies like Microsoft, Amway, Carnival Cruises, Franklin Templeton, and so on — only to use those profits and move into the  sports arena. For example, Paul Allen is the richest sports owner in the country, with a net worth of $15.8 billion. He made his fortune partnering with Bill Gates in the 1970s, but has since channeled his cash into the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers.

The Seattle Seahawks are currently number 1 in most NFL experts power rankings.

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